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How did you decide to get involved with fashion design?
Oh that's a huge story! I finished my Bsc in Informatics, while in parallel studying dance. However I decided that computers weren't what I really wanted to do in my life. When I was in school I was practicing design because ideally I would love to become a graphic designer while being a dancer too. So when I quitted dancing I couldn't think of my life without creativity but I also wanted to do something that was really down to earth and that is why I chose fashion design.
Fashion design includes both the business part and the creativity and it has unlimited options. And that is really important for me since I get bored easily! So I started studying fashion design at Pansik Scuola di Moda. I finished my studies with a scholarship so I attended one more year the social media and journalism classes.

How you ended up in Copenhagen?
My studies back in Greece lasted for 2 years and I wanted to finish my bachelor after that somewhere else. So I chose sustainable fashion in Copenhagen. This is one of my favorite European cities and I think it matches perfect with my aesthetic and taste. Moreover studies there are free of money for the Europeans and Danish education system is one of the best in Europe.


What are you doing at this time?
Now I am finishing my studies. I just have to do my thesis which is a project which really excites me! In addition I am doing my internship in "Mark Kenly Domino Tan" and I am writing on an online magazine "Less" about slow fashion too.

What is sustainable fashion?
Well sustainable fashion is something that we cannot cover with a few words. I would say that sustainable fashion is ethical fashion for me and that means that sustainable fashion is fashion that respects environment, people and society. In general sustainability is something really wide and it is difficult to say that a brand is 100% sustainable. I don't know how a company can cover all these things at once.
However Nike is a brand that is trying really hard and has made an amazing progress all these years. Nike developed a really good research department concerning new materials, applications, sustainability ect

Could sustainable fashion work well in Greece too?
I think it could work really well. Nowadays Greece is in a really bad situation with the economical crisis, and people have to think more important things than sustainability in fashion. However I think that there is a natural tendency for sustainability. Many brands while trying to survive through the crisis they make some choices that are proven to be sustainable. No stock, local production, no transportation costs are sustainability signs. If the designers were also thinking more conscientiously about that they could reach big achievements.

Sustainable fashion is not really fashion. Do you agree with that?
I surely disagree. It is true fashion and it is a better quality fashion as well. What's better than a great design, good quality, ethical production and a catching storytelling? Many Danish brands work under this concept and their aesthetic has definitely not been affected in a bad way. In Greece when hearing about sustainability, leafs, ecology come to our mind which is wrong.

Can you tell us some sustainable brands?
Nike, Patagonia, Honest By are some brands which are trying to incorporate sustainaibility in their production.

Any Greek brands?
There are some brands like Akira Mushi!! I have seen how those girls are working and I can say that it is a conscious brand. Actually they are not overthinking about sustainability. They are against animal oriented textures, they have a small a production, no transportation costs and they have some really cleaver designs. Akira Mushi for example use leftovers to make accessories. They don't have mass production but they use almost everything !!

Versatility in clothing is sustainability?
Yes it is and that's why I said that sustainable fashion is a really wide concept. You pay for clothes which you can wear with many ways and you can keep it for your whole life. You won't need a new one a week after you buy it. It is like buying 2 or 3 different clothes at once!

A few months ago I attended a presentation of yours about a sustainable project and I was really impressed!!! Would you like to tell us something about it?

It was a collaboration of the university and 3 different companies. I chose Soulland, a menswear brand. The concept was to identify a production part which could become more sustainable. So I created the "Shirt experience"!!! The company could design some new shirts from leftovers of old productions, using digital printing as well. Men would be able to buy a unique shirt which he could bring back later. Under this concept I designed a shirt collection and I created 2 samples for my presentation!

Your future plans
I'll finish my studies on December with my bachelor thesis which would be a big project on its own and I think of developing it as business idea as well. After that I want to go back in Greece where I have some job proposals. The truth is that I want to work as a designer in a company. I prefer a company of wearable clothes and not high fashion since that is not my style. In addition I will continue writing for Less magazine and why not for other Greek magazines too. I am open to new proposals and I am more than willing to work on several projects at the same time!


P.S.1Myrto is one of my friends in Copenhagen and I tell you she is really talented and the best company for coffe and sweets!!!! Thank you so much for this interview girl

P.S. 2 All photos are from her "Shirt Experience" Project. Moodboard, photoshoot and the shirt she designed worn by her. I would love to have one of them in my collection

Eirini xxx



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